how to copy a sign from SignPuddle 1.5 into hard disc

Lucy lists at ONET.EU
Tue May 29 15:29:19 UTC 2007

> Hi Lucy -
> I just had no trouble doing this, but there is one thing different...I 
> did not open a graphics program to re-format the sign from SignPuddle. 
> Instead, SignPuddle gives you an automatic PNG graphics file, if you 
> Right-Click with your mouse directly on top of the sign in 
> SignPuddle...and then choose Copy Image or Save Image As...
> If you choose Copy Image...then open Word and choose Paste under the 
> Edit pastes the sign right in...
> If you choose Save As, then it arrives on your desktop as a PNG. Then 
> open Word and use the Insert Picture command under the Insert Menu...
> Here is a diagram that I just created in Microsoft Word for you:
Thank you, Val. Your method is good for pasting the signs into MS Word. 
But I would like also to save the SignPuddle signs on my hard disk so 
that I can use them when offline. Any idea for this?


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