SignPuddle 1.5 and Golden Rule ;-)

Jonathan duncanjonathan at YAHOO.CA
Tue May 29 20:52:46 UTC 2007

Valerie Sutton wrote:
> SignWriting List
> May 24, 2007
> Hello Jonathan!
> Just want to thank you for your new document. The color is lovely! And
> it is exciting to see that you are transcribing from video...I look
> forward to helping you later. I am sorry for my delay.
> To explain...I am working on creating a better directory page for
> SignPuddle 1.5, that will give 50 countries easier access to their
> files for dictionaries, literature, encyclopedia articles, lessons and
> Puddle instruction.
Good work!!! I see that it is coming along well.
> And Steve is working on a new SignText for 1.5, so that you will not
> be using SignText 1.0 any longer, when it comes to sending email,
> posting documents and so forth...
> Sooo...some of the problems that you mention below will not exist when
> the new SignText 1.5 is completed...
Will it run like SignText 1.0?  Or will we have to be connected to
Internet for it to work?
> You can see that SignPuddle 1.5 is actually not complete yet...But we
> are hoping that in a few weeks it will be!
> We are so happy to have your team work and participation!
> I will try to transfer your complete new file to your new Honduras
> SignPuddle soon...
The Golden Rule is actually is ASL.  Which file where you thinking of?



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