Deaf kid in Tibet: can anyone help?

Kimberley Shaw skifoot at GMAIL.COM
Wed May 30 17:17:01 UTC 2007

Hello Signwriters:
do any of you have any connections with Deaf people in Tibet?
It sure would be great to connect this kid with a community!
Have had little time to do SignWriting things, but I hope to change
that soon.
Kim from Boston

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>> Hello,
>>   I just received an email from a friend who does work for an
>> orphanage in
>> Tibet. She encountered a deaf child there and has described his
>> experience
>> below in an excerpt from my friend's email.   If you have any
>> materials
>> that
>> you would like to donate for this little boy, please feel free to
>> email me
>> at londongirl21 at
>> All the best!
>> Kerry Thompson
>> (part of my friend's email below)
>> ................
>> If any of your are curious about anything else, please email me and
>> I'll
>> let
>> you know if they need it.  Also, if any of you are curious, there
>> is a
>> deaf
>> boy in the 2nd grade class who has had no special attention or
>> teaching.Â
>> He does not know any sign language and communicates only through
>> moaning.Â
>> He is often very frustrated as are those around him because it is very
>> difficult to know what he is saying.  I began teaching him the sign
>> language alphabet while I was there and he absolutely loved it and
>> took to
>> it really fast.  But he doesn't have any books or pictures of the
>> signs
>> or
>> anything.  I think he would love this and use it a lot, so if any
>> of you
>> are interested in getting him some sign language books, flash
>> cards, or
>> posters please let me know.  He would need something with clear and
>> simple
>> pictures.
>> Here is the website of the orphanage, the Jatson Chumig Welfare
>> Special
>> School.

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