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October 1st, 2007

On Oct 1, 2007, at 7:14 AM, Adam Frost wrote:

> I am not at a computer right now, but I will answer the question  
> with some suggestions that might help. I see three options. Two for  
> more detail and the other, in my opinion, might be more fitting.  
> There is a flat hand symbol that can show the diagonal angles with  
> 1/4 black. That's one option. Another is to use the heal hand  
> symbol. The third option that I think is more fitting would be to  
> use the flat hand symbol white with the knuckle break and the  
> diagnoal arrows. This is a smiplified spelling that would carry  
> enough information to the knowing signer. Sorry that I can't attach  
> a picture of these examples. I will as soon as I can, unless  
> someone who knows what I am refering to can do it for me. ;-)
> Adam

I agree with you, Adam. I personally would write it in the simplest  
way possible, without too many detailed symbols, unless we were  
writing research on detailed palm facings. The more detailed symbols,  
pointed to in the attached diagram, are all useful and can certainly  
be used, but when it comes to writing for everyday use, they usually  
can be avoided...;-)

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