Fires in Southern California and John 1 Document

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Tue Oct 23 23:24:09 UTC 2007

They are all around me, but not close enough to me to do any harm, except for maybe some smoke. My parents are in the worst area up in the Santa Clarita Valley. My brother can go to school and my mother, who works in a school, can't work. They are on notice to be ready to evacuate, but it looks like the danger has passed them. So, I have those fires to the north of me, Malibu to the south of me and then there is the fire in San Berdadino to the east of me. To the west of me is the ocean, so I will have a place to run if needed. :-)

I am glad that you are safe as well and have been able to work on John. :-) I too have seen worse fires, some of which where it seemed to never go dark at night because of the flames, and light during the day because of the smoke. 


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October 23, 2007

Adam Frost from north of Los Angeles wrote:
> Adam
> PS Val, I am also surrounded by the fires, but safe at the moment.

Hello Adam!
Are you surrounded by wild fires too, north of Los Angeles? My  
goodness...I am sorry to hear this and I am glad you are safe.

Lucinda's family had to evacuate but fortunately they were allowed  
back today and their house is ok.

Nancy Romero, the writer of our John 1 document, is staying with me  
because her house was surrounded by flames just one block to the left  
and to the right of them, but their house is still standing!

This time, La Jolla was not involved with the fires, but we can see  
them raging from our house, east out in the desert. At night the  
mountains are lit up with a raging red flaming line across the top of  
all the eastern is absolutely eerie...

Over 1500 homes are gone so far in San Diego and 7 fires are burning  
in San Diego in different areas...and some are getting worse...

Are you experiencing the Malibu fire, Adam? Or are there others now  
in other parts of the San Fernando Valley?

I just heard that Orange County has fires too...certainly this is  
unusally bad...

Val ;-)

PS. This has given Nancy and me a chance to edit John1!! ;-)

I will post it shortly...


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