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Valerie Sutton dac at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Fri Oct 26 15:22:27 UTC 2007

On Oct 26, 2007, at 7:40 AM, Bill Reese wrote:
> Ron,
> Just out of curiosity, why do you prefer Signpuddle 1.0 over 1.5?   
> Is it because 1.0 still has all the graphic entries from the old  
> DOS version of Signwriting or what is there about Signpuddle 1.0  
> that makes it more suitable to the way you work?
> Bill

I am happy to teach people how to use the new features in SignPuddle  
1.5 anytime...

Yesterday I completed the first draft of the full Cat in the Hat into  
one PDF using SignPuddle 1.5 and SignBank DocumentMaker. Here is an  
example of one page from that document...I think it looks nice ;-))

Of course it continues for 35 more pages...

And many thanks to Cherie Wren for writing the document in SignPuddle  
1.5 to begin with!

I really like the columns flowing one after each other, one page  
after each other, in DocumentMaker...

Ingvild - can you telephone me? I remember you needed help with  
DocumentMaker and I think we should do it over the phone for now...

Anyone else want to learn over the phone? I can turn on Skype, if we  
have an appointment, or setup my videophone, which at the moment is  
disconnected...but it is easy to have phone communication and learn  
to use the software step by step that way...

Val ;-)

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