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Rodrigo Ferreira Bagni rodbagni at GMAIL.COM
Sat Oct 27 00:23:28 UTC 2007

Hi Valerie.

First of all, thank you very much for you interest in helping me. Actually,
as I always say, it is a help for the deaf and not for myself.

Second, sorry for the delay to answer. That has a reason. I was expecting to
define something and then answer to you to tell that the question was
settled. And, certainly, saying what could be done regarding your very good
suggestions. The work is mine, so I decided that after having received so
many suggestions is was time to work by myself and not bother anybody else
with my doubts.

But, I started to feel bad for not getting in contact and the reason because
I was hurring to finish that do not exist anymore. It means that I have more
time to calmly do that now.

So, here I am.

I can tell you, from a SignWriting software perspective, what we
> could use, if you wanted to tackle such large projects:
> Work on...
> 1. completing SignWriter Tiger so it is a standalone is
> so close and it would be a shame not to finish SignWriter Tiger, and
> the sources are there for you on SourceForge
> SignWriter Tiger

Yes, I already knew it and it is really a very good opportunity to do what
you have said. I will consider it, of course, until the last minute.

> 2. Updating SW Edit program from Brazil, to work in coordination with
> SignBank (a program that I own and manage)...

Well, of course I know SignBank.  :-)
I am very curious to know what you have in mind.

Of course this requires permission from Dr. Antonio Carlos da Rocha
> Costa and the programmer that designed SW Edit, but if you get this
> permission, I will be happy to work with you on my end to give you
> the needed data information to coordinate with SignBank...

I already have that permission. Dr. Costa is such a great person and was the
only one that send the software to me to work on a current project. He did
that much before you wrote your message.

> There are also some features in SW Edit I do not understand and I
> feel they need to be improved...for this reason I never used SW Edit
> personally, but I would love to develop it further, with permission,
> to use it more...

What you are saying is very interesting. It is exactly what the area with
which I intend to work is all about. It would be very useful to have your
opinions about it. Not only for me.

Either of these projects would help Deaf people who use SignWriting
> around the world, and the software is standalone software that does
> not require the the internet issues will not be a
> problem for those Deaf without the internet...
> Would you consider either of these projects?

Of course I could consider them. At the appropriate moment I will let you
know everything about it. But until there I would like to say, as an
academic perspective, even if I do not work with them, having your opinions
and the people's ones it is really very good for any kind of work being done
in that area.

Val ;-)
Thank you.
Rodrigo Ferreira Bagni
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