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K.J. Boal kjoanne403 at HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Oct 31 18:57:49 UTC 2007

Thanks, I know FRIENDS isn't easy to write!  But CAKE . . . ??? I did write the beginning position of the right hand, and there is no rotation.  The cupped right hand touches the back of the left and moves straight up twice.  Besides, CAKE is on the next page. Do you mean PILE-OF?  I think the main reason I didn't write the beginning position of the right hand in PILE-OF is that I felt it would make the sign too cluttered.  Do you have a suggestion you could post for an alternate spelling?

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Hi Kelly, Adam, 
this is funny – exact these signs caught my attention as well. 
I like the spelling of friends because even the uninformed reader – like me – (not knowing ASL)  would perform this sign perfectly – congrats – it is not an easy to write sign. ;-= 
Well cake – the reason for my hesitation has been the location of the rotation movement and your idea not to write the beginning position of the right hand. Your spelling is not wrong – of course not – but for reasons of a fluent reading I personally prefer to add the beginning position of the right hand. 
Stefan ;-)

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FRIENDS and PILE-OF doesn't read well with me for some reason. "This, I will have to think on." --YodaAdam

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One of the two pages that I didn't change at all from the original . . . 

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