Inquiry from Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia!!

Eyasu Tamene eyasuh at YAHOO.COM
Sun Sep 9 12:20:10 UTC 2007

  Dearest Val, Shane and Rodrigo,
  Many thanks for your sinceare feedback and appreciation.  The sites you suggested are very much helpful.
  I can understand from the everyday list messages that there are researchers and teachers of the deaf whom I would like to suggest me relevant ideas that should be included in our new SL BA program syllabus development. I like the idea of SW be part of this program. The question of HOW worries me.  Please get me your honorable suggestion, smile.

Valerie Sutton <dac at> wrote:
    SignWriting List
September 8, 2007

Dear Eyasu and SW List Members!

Congratulations, Eyasu, on your new job. It is exciting to think that 
your Department of Linguistics will be planning a BA degree program 
for Ethiopian Sign Languages and Deaf Cultures...I can imagine it 
must be a complicated project to be in touch with Deaf people in such 
a vast country with so many languages...

So of course, we will do whatever we can to assist...

SignWriting materials can be donated to your teachers, but you need 
more than just SignWriting...

Does anyone on the List know how to setup a Sign Language 
curriculum...a four-year program? Who should Eyasu speak with, in the 
US, or in Germany, or in Brazil, for example? We needs contacts and 
some specific suggestions and advice for a Sign Language curriculum 

Perhaps it is time that SignWriting be a part of any Sign Language 
curriculum...not as a separate subject, but an integral one with 
teaching Sign Language...

I hope someone will answer, as I do not know any contacts for Eyasu 
about Sign Language curriculum development...

Val ;-)


  Jambo Eyasu!

congrats on setting up the new degree - that is much needed in Eastern
Africa and I am very delighted to hear the news.

As for the BA Sign Language Studies...

University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) in England will start their
BA (Hons) in British Sign Language this October - you can get in touch
with them.

There's a university in Brazil that have started teaching the degree
in LIBRAS - its very interesting - some of the researchers/teachers
there are on this list - they will help you out in this.

There are other universities elsewhere but I dont have it off my head
right now.

Shane Mwangi
  Dear Eyasu,
congratulations and I wish success on your job.

There is a university in Brazil called Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC). They started a program like that some years ago, which has been the first one in the country. You can get in touch with them by the e-mail: libras at
It is a public university from the federal government, so I think the will be glad to help your university with its efforts.

There is also another institution you could try, which is the National Institute of Education of the Deaf (INES), try the e-mail: webmaster at
Since it is also a federal institution, part of the Ministry of Education, I think they can help too.

At last, if for any reason you don't receive any answer from them, you can try this:
In your message you could cite UFSC and INES.

I don't know why nobody mentioned it. Maybe I am wrong but I think that the Gallaudet University ( in the USA can also provide some useful information.

I hope they can help you.

Rodrigo Ferreira Bagni 

On Sep 8, 2007, at 9:01 AM, Eyasu Tamene wrote:

> Dearest Val, and list participants
> Many greetings to you from Addis Ababa , Ethiopia .
> I would like to appreciate for your effort you are doing each day 
> to the SW list. May the almighty God give you strenght and courage 
> for further progress!
> As you may know Ethiopian deaf people have limited access to join 
> the higher institution for basic reasons that there is no trained 
> person and sufficient support for their career. Taking this 
> issue into consideration, Addis Ababa University, Department of 
> Linguistics has planned to open a ‘BA program in Sign Language and 
> Deaf Culture’ one year after now. The plan is to train deaf 
> teachers and make them productive citizens of the nation. This 
> effort is hoped to contribute a lot to alleviate problems that 
> hinder the expansion of Sign language and deaf education in Ethiopia.
> The department has hired me as a Sign Language Expert. Currently 
> we are designing the syllabus for the BA program. I would 
> appreciate if you can provide me with the necessary info that would 
> help me in designing the syllabus for the undergraduate program for 
> Sign language unit’? I would be glad if you could send me the 
> necessary contacts of other SL universities/ institutions with 
> their contact address.
> It is a good idea to include SW in the sign language program 
> syllabus. But my question, as you may know not much of the 
> materials in sign language and related fields are available neither 
> in the university nor in surrounding. How can I get the experiance 
> of those sign language schools, colleges and universities in order 
> to design a syllabus of a BA in Sign language program that is 
> compatible to the Ethiopian context.
> Thank you and hope to read you sooner.
> Sincerely yours,
> Eyasu
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