Testing SignBank DocumentMaker

Valerie Sutton dac at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Sun Sep 9 17:18:43 UTC 2007

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September 9, 2007

Testing SignBank DocumentMaker
SignWriting Literature Publishing Tool

Dear SW Listers...
SignBank 8.5 is desktop-database software for SignWriting.

At this time, it includes three programs inside one program...

1. SignBank Dictionary publishing tool.
2. SignBank Document publishing tool.
3. A searchable library of SignWriting help manuals.

All three can stand alone. They do not have to be in ONE download.  
But they are right now.

Before we work on the big job of separating DocumentMaker from the  
rest of SignBank, I am asking for your feedback on the current  
DocumentMaker. I know that some of you have already volunteered and  
thank you for that! New volunteers are welcome anytime ;-)


TO TEST DocumentMaker:

1. Download the new SignBank on the web:

SignBank Downloads

Download either the Empty SignBank (SignBank85) which is smaller, or  
the ASL SignBank (SignBankUS) which is a larger download.

The Empty SignBank has nothing in DocumentMaker, waiting for you to  
start from the beginning with a new document.

The ASL SignBank has some documents in DocumentMaker already,  
including some passages of the Bible, Jack and Jill and Little Miss  
Muffet written by Cherie Wren, and the title pages for Sleeping  
Beauty written by Kelly Jo Boal...and Cat in the Hat Title Page I  
believe ;-)


2. Watch the DocumentMaker Video Instruction:

SignBank DocumentMaker Video Instruction


3. Then open SignPuddle Literature on the web, and choose one  
document there that you would like to place in DocumentMaker....

For example, Kelly Jo...want to try to place some of your Sleeping  
Beauty files there? They are not fully edited yet, but it would be  
fun to learn how to do it together in DocumentMaker anyway...

But it doesn't actually matter which documents you use to test  
with...anything will do.

Try to print your newly-made documents to see how they look...;-)


4. What do we want to know?

Want some new layouts? Right now we have two. Can you describe any  
new layouts you would like added to DocumentMaker? We could have 10  
or 12 choices in document-layouts...

Problems you experienced? Write to the SW List with your suggestions  
for layouts and inform us of your experiences....

Many thanks!

I look forward to hearing from you -

Val ;-)
Sutton at SignWriting.org


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