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Stefan Wöhrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Tue Sep 11 19:43:38 UTC 2007

Hi  André, 


I am pretty much under pressure – so please accept a short answer  ;-) 

Yes you are right. I am using SignWriting or “GebaerdenSchrift” as we call
the German branch with all these additional mouthsymbols for several years
now pretty successfully with children. 


Even at kindergarden some colleagues start now to include first SW- symbols
but very much my speechwriting symbols to support hearing impaired little
children . 


Well if it comes down to reading my students became real experts and they
take a great advantage out of this possibility to offer bilingual materials.


Unfortunately they did not develop good spelling/writing skills.  The reason
for that is to be found in the circumstances. We do not have too much time
to spend on producing SW – documents. So it is me who is the scribe and they
use these documents in order to improve their spoken language skills. 


My own sons developed pretty impressive writing skills with the good old SW
DOS program. In fact I learned so much from their way to memorize the keys
for the hidden symbols. Did you ever get the chance to look at their
artwork. The “Maennekens” and the animated gifs they produced are really


Right now I will restart a new program with three deaf students about 13
years old. We will use the SW44 DOS Program and hopefully I will allow them
to at least develop some idea on how to create a given sign with the many
symbols hidden behind the keys. smile.


All the best 


Stefan ;-) 








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Hi Val and Stefan,
    I would like to know if deaf pupils prefer using keyboard commands or
mouse commands when using sign writing on their computer.  Do you have a
program for kids (not adults) about how to use whether a keyboard or a mouse
for sign writing?  Otherwise, I assume that deaf kids (like adults) connect
to an online Internet (SignBank, SignPuddle.), or they buy a PocketPuddle.
Or else, do you have any suggestions for deaf kids, or about a program for
kids regarding the use of computers?  I'm not suggesting that material
should include ASL literature, books for kids, and so on.  But I mean that
material should include computer aided instruction for kids, and a kids
computer book regarding sign writing.  I know that SignPuddle comes with
video instructions.  But, I do not know if deaf kids using French can also
follow to learn steps of the video instructions.
    Stefan Worhnmann, have you been teaching sign writing to your deaf kids
for a few years, now?  If so, how do you use sign writing using computers
for deaf kids (ages 6-11)?  If they connect to an online Internet, how do
you teach computer instructions at kids' level?  Did your German deaf kids
watch video instructions prior to learning how to use a mouse on a computer
    Best regards,
    André Thibeault


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