Val back at her desk after giving a presentation ;-)

Marisa Braasch marisabraasch at WEB.DE
Thu Sep 13 07:07:39 UTC 2007

Dear Valerie,

as you suggested, I just excluded these symbols from my overview. So  
no pressure to define these symbols...
Thank you again for all your energy put into SignWriting and aswering  
every question so quickly!


Am 12.09.2007 um 19:18 schrieb Valerie Sutton:

> SignWriting List
> September 12, 2007
> Hello SW List Members!
> At 7:00 am this morning I presented SignWriting to a women's club  
> here in La Jolla, California. Over breakfast and people rushing to  
> work, and arriving late to breakfast and so forth...I tried to  
> explain a little about signed languages, deafness, writing signed  
> languages, Deaf Education, and the specifics of our SignWriting  
> Literacy Project....All this in 20 minutes or less!
> Smile...
> One of the women had a grown Deaf son, and she just happened to be  
> a strong Sign Language advocate, after having sad experiences with  
> oralism in his childhood, so she was very supportive of the idea of  
> writing signed languages and took a bunch of literature to show her  
> A lovely woman from India also is interested in taking some  
> materials to northern India, so that is great too...
> All in all it was very enjoyable...
> So I will get to your emails now, and Marisa, I have not forgotten  
> your request for a definition for those unusual and un-used mouth  
> symbols...they are not important for your research since they are  
> not used by others...we will find out in a few years whether they  
> will be takes time to see how symbols work...
> More soon -
> Val ;-)
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