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Valerie Sutton dac at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Sun Sep 16 16:30:51 UTC 2007

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September 16, 2007

Dear SW List, Stefan and Marisa -

Here are my attempts to show you possible ways of writing this  
movement...I am sure there are other choices as well...

The same symbols that we use to write larger movements of the arms  
and hands, are simply made smaller and placed inside or near the  
Facial Circle. It is important to make the symbols very tiny, so they  
are not confused with the larger arrows for arm and hand movement...

So Stefan, I hope you will re-post the message from googlemail that  
we did not see today...I could not see it either...I only know that  
it please post that again from your other email  
account...I look forward to reading that message...

and here are my attempts...see attached...

By the way, when the Tension Symbol is combined with a Touch Contact  
Star...that means "pressing" or "pushing" that is why you see a  
Tension plus Touch in one of the examples attached...because the idea  
is that it is pressing three times into the cheek...

There are other movement symbols that I use inside the face curved arrows for eyegaze that curves etc...

Have a great Sunday!

Val ;-)

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