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Valerie Sutton dac at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Thu Sep 20 00:44:37 UTC 2007

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September 19, 2007

Rodrigo Ferreira Bagni wrote:
> Thank you very much for all the answers.  :-) Actually, I' would  
> like to apologize for asking questions that many people may have  
> not understood. It was not something done carefully, I just wanted  
> people's opinions and of course many of the members of the list  
> have no idea why I asked things like those.  I just wanted to take  
> advantage of the informal environment that there is here. Maybe it  
> is not the right thing to do.I can assure everyone those questions  
> are only questions asked, maybe, inappropriately and not my  
> personal opinions.  :-)  Sorry for any misunderstanding and thanks  
> again. Rodrigo Ferreira Bagni

Hello Rodrigo and Everyone!
No apologies necessary. I thought your message was just fine. And  
this is a forum to talk about issues surrounding SignWriting and the  
writing of signed languages, and Deaf Education and the software  
needed to write signed your questions were fine...;-)

Are you doing software development, Rodrigo? What are the goals of  
your work related to signed languages?

Val ;-)


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