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September 20, 2007

ANNOUNCING New Special Feature Posted...

The complete SignoEscritura Textbook (SignWriting Lessons Book), by  
Steve and Dianne Parkhurst, from Spain, is now available for download  
in one PDF document, rather than only chapter by chapter as before.  
Downloading the complete textbook in one large PDF is better for  
printing and searching. And BOTH the English and Spanish versions are  
available as free downloads.

To downlaod, go to the SignWriting home page:

SignWriting Site

or go to:

SignWriting in Spain

The book SignoEscritura was first published in 2001 in Madrid, Spain,  
by PROEL, and is considered to be one of the world’s leading  
instruction reference manuals teaching SignWriting. The lessons are  
presented in a logical, visual and easy-to-follow format. The  
illustrations are beautiful, and the clean sharp images of the  
SignWriting symbols are made possible by specially developed TrueType  
fonts designed and created by the Parkhursts themselves. This makes  
the SignWriting literature examples in Spanish Sign Language a  
pleasure to read.... It is an historic work…one of the first  
textbooks written in the early years of SignWriting, laying the  
groundwork for newer textbooks that are being written now...There are  
several new books being written, and one of them is by the  

We are working hard to collect all the books written in SignWriting  
around the world and make them all available in the SignWriting PDF  
archive on the web...

Val ;-)

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