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Jerry Spillman jzs at XMISSION.COM
Fri Sep 21 23:56:46 UTC 2007

Dear Valerie, Pastor Dettloff, and The International Sign Writing List,

In an attempt to conserve server space, The Sign Bible Site has begun to 
convert some of our older .html pages to .pdf files.  This will mean 
that you will eventually be able to save any page directly to your 
computer with your Acrobat Reader software, if desired, and that 
eventually, the SW version 4 and earlier .sgn files will no longer be 
available for download from these pages.

Currently, only one .html file has been converted, that of Genesis 
2:15-25 and both old and new versions are available for viewing  on:

the new version of the page is the first choice of verses available in 
Genesis, and the old version is the second choice, entitled, "Adam and Eve".

Please visit this site and send your comments as to ability to read and 
use the pages, and whether there is anything you would like to see 
displayed differently,  things that could be considered an improvement 
for all users.  Please bear in mind that this site is dedicated to 
utilizing King James Bible as the original text.  We, of course, reserve 
the right to make all decisions concerning this site, but desire your 
input as users.

Please reply to this e-mail on the list if you wish to make a comment.  
Thank you for your assistance.


Jerry Spillman, WebMaster,
mailto:jzs at


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