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Congratulations - this was great,Ingvild 

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April 2, 2008

Hello Everyone!
Yesterday morning I woke up and turned on my computer. I had a cup of coffee in my hand and started to read my email. I read a "Google Alert" telling me that a press release about SignWriting had been posted on the web. It was the National Association of Police and Lay Charities group, the NALPC, that had posted the press release, which I mentioned to you yesterday. After I posted that message to all of you...around 5 minutes later...the telephone rang, and it was the Channel 10 ABC local San Diego news channel. The reporter had read the press release on the web, and wanted to do a story within the next 2 hours, for a local news program that same night...She wanted to interview Deaf people in my office and why they would want to write sign language, and since it was around 9:00 in the morning, and I work out of my home, there were no Deaf friends in my office at that time! I called a Deaf friend, but their tty was not on...Nancy Romero was kind enough to drive immediately to my home. Within 2 hours of the telephone call, we were being interviewed on camera...The small TV spot that resulted was only around a minute long on the news last night, and it went so fast I am sure that most people only got a tiny idea of what SignWriting is...The transcript, which is attached, is not perfect. The questions that were asked of us in the interview were mostly "why would anyone want to write sign language when they can write English?". We answered that same question many times. I pointed out that SignWriting was developed to preserve, read and write beautiful languages, signed languages, but it was not meant to replace any other language...and of course everyone wants to learn other languages...and it is useful to be able to read and write different languages...etc etc all know this... is the transcript of the TV program...

And many thanks to Nancy Romero, for making the interview fun and informative...and for interpreting for me...I truly appreciate it!

There is a little Quicktime movie of the TV spot. I will ask the TV station for permission to post it on our web site later...

It can be viewed on the web right now here:

San Diegan Creates Written Form Of Sign Language
KGTV, - San Diego,CA,USASignwriting is used in over 40 countries and Sutton is working on a way for deaf people to write in sign language online.See all stories on this topic

 Val ;-)
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