Hi Val...message from Tegucigalpa

Jonathan duncanjonathan at YAHOO.CA
Mon Apr 21 18:38:39 UTC 2008

Hello Valerie,
    I see you understood my email well.  My original gloss was.

Hello Valerie, thank-you email signwriting.  Weather here beautiful.  I 
much time not write list.  Still read everything enjoy.  Past October we 
change live T e g u c i g a l p a .  Now associate with Deaf can.  
Not-yet Internet home he expensive.  I work my computer program sign 
list now modify inside signwriting.  Not-yet finished.  Hope soon S t e 
v e adapt Signpuddle can accept from my program text.  I remember past C 
h e r i e beautiful hands for W i k i p e d i a ?  Maybe can make same 
for face ? You know if almost all face already on internet ? What new 
symbols plan for 2 O O 9 ?  New face ?  I want help. not know if I much 
time help support. Please advise when plan new. advise if email not clear. 


    So you got about half of it.  Maybe I should try not to make them so 
long in the future.
    So yeah we are still in Honduras, we moved to the capital 
Tegucigalpa in October and are enjoying it very much.  It is at:
Honduras Map 

    I have included signwriting in my program previously called ASL List 
and also globalized it.  I have several pieces such as an improved 
symbol selection and hand shape search for writing new words.  But not 
everything is fully integrated together yet.  So that´s what I am 
working on yet and I still need to develop some more important aspects 
like printing Signwriting documents, so far, they just show on the 
screen. It can do SignText url, SBML and it´s own format which isn´t 
quite final yet.
    Would it be OK for me to make a page of SWML face symbols along with 
a picture of what the face looks like? Something like what Cherie did 
with the common ASL hand shapes?  I feel that it would help me and maybe 
others use the facial symbols better.  Do you have any time frame for 
modifying any of the facial symbols so that they all fit on the same 
face?  I know you are finishing up the big project of IMWA new hand 
symbols from many places around the world.  Thank you for  all you have 
done to make Signwriting possible.


Valerie Sutton wrote:
> SignWriting List
> April 19, 2008
> On Apr 18, 2008, at 4:07 PM, duncanjonathan at yahoo.ca wrote:
>> I hope you can understand what I wrote. ! I had a bit of difficulty 
>> with the questions marks at the end! of the sentences. Well I guess I 
>> should of used the raised or lowered eyebrows. Too late now.
>> JD
> Hello Jonathan!
> This is great to hear from you again...I have been thinking about you. 
> We haven't heard from you in a long time. Are you still in Honduras?
> Attached is the first part of your email message to us in 
> SignWriting....where is Tegucigalpa? ;-))
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