how to spell rise.

MARIA AZZOPARDI maria.azzopardi at UM.EDU.MT
Thu Aug 14 20:04:41 UTC 2008

Understood :)
Yes I can now see the standard way of using the general arrow. I also
checked the example on the e-lessons it clarifies it further.
I'll pass on this information to the rest of the team. Of course I agree
with you it's best to use standard and rules of writing for the Bible

Thanks for that explanation,


> SignWriting List
> August 14, 2008
> On Aug 13, 2008, at 11:31 PM, MARIA AZZOPARDI wrote:
>> I also personally prefer using one single arrow. It is quicker and I
>> find
>> that the sign can still be read without any difficulty.
>> Thanks for your feedback,
>> Maria
> Hello Maria and Charles -
> Thanks for this discussion. Actually, the General Arrowhead is not
> only used when the two hands are touching each other.
> The Spelling Rule is related to "Overlapping Paths".
> The Right Arrowhead (dark arrowhead) means that the right hand is
> painting a path in space.
> The Left Arrowhead (light or unfilled arrowhead) means that the left
> hand is painting a path in space.
> Imagine your right hand placed in a can of black paint. Imagine your
> left hand placed in a can of white paint.
> Then imagine lifting your hands from the cans of paint, dripping with
> black and white paint, and painting paths in the air as you move your
> arms.
> When their paths are NOT overlapping...when they never come near each
> other...there is a distinct black and white path in the air.
> But imagine if your two hands moved in an overlapping path in the
> air...for example, the two hands do not have to touch each
> other...maybe one is directly on top of the other, but not
> touching...yet the two arms then move up at the same time...the white
> path and the black path would write on top of each other...
> The black and white paths would BLEND or OVERLAP. That is the General
> Arrowhead...when two paths write on top of each other and are no
> longer just white or black...they paint GREY instead...
> So that is the Spelling Rule. Of course, people can choose not to
> write according to spelling rules, for their own quick writing to save
> time, but for official documents, like the Bible, I would prefer to
> follow the official spelling rules...
> In English, we can write YOU like this: U
> People do it all the time in emails and texting...but for the Bible, I
> think YOU is still the norm, although it takes longer!
> Hope this helps ;-))
> Val ;-)


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