signtext editor display function not working?

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Thu Aug 14 20:52:10 UTC 2008

SignWriting List
August 14, 2008

Dear SW List Members -
I telephoned Charles, and we worked together. We opened SignPuddle  
(while we were on the phone), and the software seems to be working  

There are sooo many small things that can happen with software, that  
telephoning me, or skyping me sometimes will be a fast solution to  
your problems. Everyone needs tech support from time to time.

So do not hesitate to write to me on email, for an appointment for  
tech is free and worth it!

Val ;-)


On Aug 14, 2008, at 1:27 PM, Charles Butler wrote:

> This sounds like a problem I have been having.
> In order to edit an entry in the SignPuddle Encyclopedia for ASL I  
> have to sign in as an editor from outside for each entry.  If I try  
> to stay inside and edit each entry, I can't get into them.  All I  
> get is the full display if I go to "search word" and then click,  
> even as an editor, I don't get "SignText" option but one display of  
> the whole, except for the first time.  There is definitely a glitch  
> here.
> If I'm an editor, any time I open a sign ALL options should be open  
> for me to change the sign, edit the text, edit each of the signs in  
> Sign Text, etc.  ALL options.  I should not have to go all the way  
> out, and all the way in for each entry.  I'm trying to ensure I have  
> my signs correctly, and that means I want to open all my windows,  
> look at them, and fix them.
> I am using the SignPuddle Encylopedia for ASL, no other, and as far  
> as I know that is the latest version of SignPuddle available for  
> anyone signing in from Mozilla.
> Charles Butler
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