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Hasna Hocini h_hocini at YAHOO.FR
Sun Aug 24 21:46:52 UTC 2008

I'm Dr. Zaremba's student, Hasna, and for our project, we need a document that can help us understand SignWriting symbols in detail.

I understood that there is no document yet to document all the ISWA symbols? is right?

We found those documents on the web for the IMWA symbols:

sw0147-sss2004-Category1.pdf ... sw0147-sss2004-Category8.pdf

But, we need to learn more about the SignWriting symbols... The detailed meaning of each symbol. specially category 5, 6 and 7 : Dynamics, Punctuations and advanced sorting.

Do you have please any document that can help us more?

And in the SignSpelling-2004 document, it is said that location Markers are for research use.  Can you tell us please which research has worked on that markers?

Thank you very much ! 

Hasna  Hocini


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