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SignWriting List
August 29, 2008

Dear SW List Members:
I write to report to you about the SignWriting Literature Project.

The goal of the SignWriting Literature Project is to produce  
literature written in Sign Languages, and to provide the world with  
software that makes it possible to write and post SignWriting  
Literature directly on the web (SignPuddle Online):

SignPuddle Online

SignWriting Literature Project

In 2007 and 2008, the SignWriting Literature Project has been funded  
by the Claire Giannini Fund.

Yesterday, I submitted our annual report to the Claire Giannini Fund,  
thanking them for their funding, and pointing them to one of our new  
publications, SNOW WHITE in ASL, which is still being edited. You can  
read the partially-finished SNOW WHITE on the web right now. It is the  
Special Feature on our home page:

SignWriting Home Page

or go directly to:


It is unusual to post a publication only partially finished, I But we are working on it and adding to it daily,  
and it should be done by the end of September I hope.

I want to thank Kelly Jo Boal for writing SNOW WHITE, based on the  
video ASL storytelling of Darline Clark Gunsauls.

And many thanks to Adam Frost for helping with the editing, and to  
Steve Slevinski for your wonderful SignPuddle software, which we use  
daily to write our documents...

We will keep you informed as the publication of SNOW WHITE progresses  
into a series of workbooks and storybooks at different reading levels.  
I am hoping in 2009 to find an artist to illustrate SNOW WHITE with  
brand new illustrations for children, to create a lovely coloring book  
that teaches SignWriting at a beginning level...

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
Sutton at

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