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Mª Cristina P. Pereira macripiper at YAHOO.COM.BR
Tue Feb 19 10:56:49 UTC 2008

To improve SW texts on the web: there is a paper about SW (Brazilian Portuguese
only)that I wrote 2 years ago entitled "Signwriting system as a possibility in
Deaf People literacy". I discuss why writing is an important empowerment tool
to the deaf community and how prejudices (against a writing form) are a common
false idea among groups who have not
a writing system of their own (some indians groups, deaf,...). I compare some
sign writing systems (thanks to Joe Martin's texts on the SW web) and suggest
that SW is the writing code more adequate to register a
signed language in an everyday bases.

http://br.geocities.com/macripiper/linguisticils.htm (at the bottom of the
page) or directly

Hope it helps Portuguese and, maybe, Spanish readers.

--- Sutton Valerie <sutton at signwriting.org> escreveu:

> I am happy to announce a new web posting: Joe Martin's Masters Degree Thesis

Mª Cristina P. Pereira (Porto Alegre - RS - Brasil), http://br.geocities.com/macripiper

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