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February 20, 2008

THANK YOU, Ron and fellow co-workers, for creating two videos with ASL  
SignWriting captions, that are really popular with your Deaf  

Yesterday Ron telephoned me and introduced me to his Deaf caption  
writer. They had something pretty "cool" to show me...

Over the phone, they showed me two wonderful videos they made for  
their church group, and both have English and SignWriting ASL  
captions...and what is so interesting is where they placed these  
captions...not underneath or to the side of the video, but instead  
directly on top of the video picture...This makes sense because then  
Deaf readers can view the pictures simultaneously while reading the  
text, rather than having to look down to read, which then makes it  
hard to see both the pictures and the writing at the same time...So I  
really learned something from this..that writing SignWriting script in  
the center of moving video, might actually be popular and useful for  

So thanks for sharing these videos with our SignWriting List!

Now...I have a question...I am new to YouTube, so I went to:

and I found one of the videos, named Valerie (thank you for the name ;-)

Video with SignWriting and English Captions
Valerie Video

It is a very nice video!

But what is the name of the other video? I found others without any  
SignWriting captions, but I couldn't find the second one with  
SignWriting captions...and how do I download the entire video onto my  
computer desktop?

Val ;-)


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> We have some ASL songs on our sight:
> He Knows My Name
> Come Just as You Are
> go to:
> Click on the song you want to watch.

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