WoSP Project - Transcribing from an Animation

Tim Grove tim_grove at SIL.ORG
Wed Feb 20 23:25:02 UTC 2008

Hello Folks!

I'm about to attempt my first SignWriting transcription and my first 

I'm not new to this list, but I haven't written for quite some time, so 
I'll start with a brief introduction. I'm American, but came over to the 
UK over twenty-five years ago. I'm married with two children, ages nine 
and fifteen. We are a hearing family, but my oldest child has 
difficulties with speech, so my interest in communicating with signed 
languages began through using "Makaton" with him. This past year I have 
started to learn BSL through the Gloucester Deaf Association (GDA - 
http://glosdeaf.com/). Great fun!

I'm part of a software development team writing software for use with 
signed languages. My colleagues have recently completed an animation 
demo which you can view at http://wospdev.blogspot.com/. If you visit 
the site, please feel free to leave any comments about the demo; it 
would really help and encourage our animator. I also want to get this 
demo transcribed into SignWriting, so I emailed Valerie about the 
SignWriting organization's transcription services. Amongst her replies 
was the suggestion, "Why not learn how to do it yourself?" So, here I 
am, looking for your help with this! I'll soon be attempting my first 
SignPuddle, and sending loads of emails to this list for suggestions! A 
couple of animations are available at http://wospdev.blogspot.com/. The 
one that I'm interested in transcribing is called "ASL Story demo", 
available in three different file sizes, and is also the animation 
displayed at the bottom of the webpage.

Thanks for your help, and please be gentle with me!!!

Best regards,
Tim Grove


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