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February 29, 2008

On Feb 28, 2008, at 9:48 PM, petercdehaas wrote:
> Thanks again for all your help.  I will be working all weekend on my  
> transcription assignment.  I got some more direction today from  
> another professor who knows ASL linguistics well.  Anyhow, I will  
> try to revise some of the puddles I've done (condense them into  
> complete sentences) and try to finish up so we can get to the next  
> step.  Once in ms word, I need to gloss in English and add any  
> further notations/diacritics.  Both of my advisors are on board now  
> with how I'm approach the assignment. ;);0
> I will go without punctuation and add the notation symbols and  
> diacritics that my professor gave me once in ms word.  Its still  
> very confusing at times to conceptualize, but I know it will come  
> together and be a masterpiece when its done! Especially with your  
> help, how could I go wrong??

Hello Peter and Everyone -
Thank you for this nice message. It helps to know from your professors  
what is needed for your project...

For our List members....Peter's video, which he must transcribe into  
SignWriting during a linguistics course in Colorado, and must finish  
within the next 2 weeks, is a long video of two people conversing in  
ASL from the side view, and they are standing far away from the it is hard to see all their signs or their facial  

But fortunately one of the signers in the video is Peter himself! So  
he knows the script in advance ;-)

Peter is new to SignWriting but is learning fast...I would like to  
point out to everyone that SignWriting is much easier to learn than  
other written forms such as the Roman alphabet or written  
took us years to learn to read and write English in school...we just  
don't remember how long it took us!

So you are doing great, Peter...It is amazing to see how much you have  
written already in the ASL Literature puddle...

Val ;-)

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