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SignWriting List
March 11, 2008

Hello Gerard!
THANK YOU for all you are doing, to help us establish an American Sign  
Language Wikipedia written in SignWriting. We appreciate and need your  
support with the Wikimedia Foundation, and look forward to our  
collaboration together on this important project, once our software is  
ready. We are working hard behind the scenes ;-)

Steve Slevinski is doing remarkable programming work. I am so  
impressed with his genius. He and I are working as a team. I am  
working on the ISWA 2008 symbols, while Steve is developing, among  
others things, the SignWriting MediaWiki Plug-In.

Here is a description:

The SignWriting MediaWiki Plugin will make it possible to use  
SignWriting with web sites such as Wikipedia.  Writers can compose  
SignWriting articles directly on the web in the symbols of SignWriting.

In the future, with the SignWriting MediaWiki Plug-In (currently under  
development), it is our belief that we will be able to achieve a  
Wikipedia in any Sign Language in the world. Once the software is  
ready, we can start testing it and trying our first article in  
American Sign Language on Wikipedia. I then plan to find funding to  
pay a team of Signwriters to start writing Wikipedia articles in ASL.  
I am hoping that Deaf students at colleges around the country will  
enjoy part-time employment to start writing an encyclopedia in  
ASL...It will be a great project!

Thank you for telling us, Gerard, about your blogs. As always, today's  
is a good one!

Val ;-)


On Mar 11, 2008, at 6:12 AM, Gerard Meijssen wrote:
> As you may know I am happy to champion the good cause of SignWriting  
> and as such I will do what it takes to find the approval of the  
> Wikimedia Foundation for a Wikipedia in SignWriting, first in ASL  
> and when this works for any other project that has the courage and  
> the stamina to build an encyclopaedia in their language.
> In order to build awareness for SignWriting in the Wikimedia  
> Foundation, I write with some regularity about SignWriting on my  
> blog. Today I blogged about "another obvious reason to support  
> SignWriting". What I have written so far about SignWriting has been  
> labelled as such; they can all be found here.
> Thanks,
>     Gerard


Val ;-)

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