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March 30, 2008

On Mar 30, 2008, at 9:00 AM, Carl Jones wrote:
> 'm still not 100% used to sign puddle.  I get lost looking for signs.
> Is there something I can download to use it on Windows?

Hi Carl!
No problem...I will teach you how to use SignPuddle, right here on the  
SW List. Then we all learn together ;-)

It is best that you learn with me now, how to use SignPuddle Online,  
on the web...Because then I can see what you write, and help you learn  
to write more...

There is no software to download onto your computer. We all write  
directly online on the web, and that is best for you right now...

Later, when you become skilled, you could purchase a PocketPuddle if  
you want, which is a way to use SignPuddle without an internet  

Information about
SignPuddle Software Online and Offline

But right now, let's work together in SignPuddle Online...Working  
online is free! ;-)

If you want to learn lots about SignPuddle, watch these Instruction  
Videos...they are different than the Lessons in SignWriting videos,  
because they teach how to use the software...it might help to watch  
them, and then start trying to write a vertical sentence, and I will  
help you step by step...

SignPuddle Software Video Instruction

Video 31 and later, are the videos that teach you how to start a new  
document to write in vertical columns...Use the Translate Feature to  
start your first sentence

Do not feel overwhelmed...just take one step at a time...


Actually, it probably is best to just try to write one sign right now,  
in the ASL Dictionary...

Go to the ASL dictionary and register your email address, and then  
login with your password...

Click on SignMaker to learn how to create your first sign...

Write again with questions...

Val ;-)
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