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Sun Nov 9 21:32:28 UTC 2008

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November 9, 2008

Charles Butler wrote:
> I would have used that big graph, but I thought that the hands  
> switched orientation in the process.  If the hands move up and then  
> down and the change palm facing line isn't there, I thought I'd have  
> to use the figure I sent.
> Am I being too careful in my writing?

Hi Charles!
For some reason the SW List software has not delivered your diagram to  
the List, so I have not seen your writing. Can you send it again to  
the List?

That happens sometimes, when many people are trying to post a lot of  
diagrams to the list...the software gets confused and doesn't post all  
of them...

So I look forward to seeing your writing...

Meanwhile, I believe you are asking why I didn't write more palm  
facing changes in the waves movement? If you are writing for research,  
you could write more detail...but writing for everyday use, I think  
the one handshape is enough to get the point across, that the five  
hand is waving along with the need to write every palm  
facing change in this case...the simplest writing possible, that is  
understandable, should be the choice I think...

I think most signers would assume that the hand is doing a wave as least I would...

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