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Wed Nov 12 17:01:01 UTC 2008

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November 12, 2008

Being a very proud daughter of terrific parents, I am writing a little  
"off topic" to share with you an article about my parents in the San  
Diego Union Tribune last Sunday...

My folks are in their late 80's. 62 years ago, my Dad wrote a love  
song to my mother while he was testing the atom bomb while in the Navy  
(I am not kidding ;-)

My Dad is a physicist, and took part in testing atom can  
read about it in detail here:


the story behind the song:

So I gave my Dad a birthday gift (he will be 87 years old on Dec 3). I  
arranged with a professional recording studio to record my Dad's song  

The song was sitting in his closet for all these years and never  
published...I thought it was such an amazing story about how it was  
written, and the song itself is a good tune and lyrics... my great joy, the recording studio thought this was a good  
story too, and they arranged for the San Diego Union Tribune to send a  
reporter and photographer to write about it...

To our amazement, we opened the newspaper last Sunday to find a huge  
article. You can read it on

The San Diego Union Tribune even posted the actual song, which you can  
listen to, sung by the professional singer or by my Dad.

Today the three of us are going to a luncheon where they will be  
playing the song in his honor...

We are leaving now for the luncheon...My heart is filled with joy ;-)

I bet all of you have family members you are proud of?...Want to share  
with the SignWriting List? Feel free to do so. Good stories are always  

Talk to you tomorrow -

Val ;-)


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