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November 24, 2008

On Nov 24, 2008, at 10:08 PM, MARIA AZZOPARDI wrote:
> Thanks for all this. So far so good. I've managed to enter signwriting
> text an illustration and spoken language text below. Now I'd like to  
> move
> on to page 2...what do I do? New Record and change the number on the
> bottom right end of the page?

Hello Maria!
Thanks for this question. This is fun, that you are using  
DocumentMaker...It is a cute little program, that has a lot of  
potential...I use it all the time to create SignWriting documents...

To create a new second page:

1. Click on the Directory icon at the top of your first page, to  
return to the Document Directory page.
2. Then click on the "New Record" icon at the top of the Directory page.
3. Each new page should be done like this, because then you can choose  
which layout you want for each new page...
4. Be sure to give all the pages the same title, so later, when you  
search for all the pages in your document, all of them will be found  
under the same title...
5. And yes, you are correct...Change the page numbers so that the  
pages will sort by page number later...

DocumentMaker is actually a "database" of pages, that can be searched  
for, listed and printed...

See attached diagram...

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