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Thanks for the explanation,  couldn't figure it out until I read this...  Search for "WooHoo Thanks"  my message for Steve and Val!


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October 31, 2008

Many thanks to Steve and Gerard for the instructions on how to create a new article in the SignWriting MediaWiki Plugin...I followed the instructions and created my first test page, entitled Test24. I then added the sign for HELLO. Very exciting!

Here is a quick summary of how to add a new article:

1. Go to:

SignWriting MediaWiki Plugin

2. In the Search field on the left, type the name of the new document you wish to create.

3. Press Go.

4. It will say

"There is no page titled ______. You can create this page."

5. Click on the words "create this page"...

6. Next, click on the tiny icon that shows two handshapes in SignWriting...representing the sign for SIGN.

7. Next click the SAVE PAGE button on the bottom of the screen.

8. This gives you the page to start writing SignWriting. Click the Edit button and it will take you to SignMaker so you can create signs.

You will find my two test pages there if you want to is called Test24 and the second one is called HELLO.

THANK YOU, Steve, for this fun new development, which has great potential....

Val ;-)

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