Blowing air in different directions?

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Cool - thanks!

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SignWriting ListSeptember 9, 2008
On Sep 9, 2008, at 9:12 AM, K.J. Boal wrote:Hi Val & List!
I haven't had a chance yet to look closely at the new ISWA, but I am wondering whether the breathing symbols have
been expanded... I have a story I'd like to write but it's very important that I write blowing air upwards, downwards,
right and left.  Is there a way to do that on the computer - in the current or new symbolsets? Thanks, KJ

Hello Kelly Jo!Thanks for this question...
Here are some ways to write blowing air in different directions...

The four with the little arrows can be written in both the IMWA and the ISWA. The ones that are only on one side of the mouth are only available in the new ISWA. But the ones with the arrows are the most accurate I think anyway...makes it really clear...and are what you want for blowing air in specific directions...
The new ones to the right...that are just on one side of the face actually mean something a little different...they mean that the air is coming out of one cheek or the other cheek only...
Val ;-)


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