Contact symbol and second contact

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Hi Val and Adam,
  Thanks to the two of you for the explanation!!! 
  It's great to have this list help clear up a few of my doubts. 
Many thanks

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Hello Jonathan and Adam!

Thank you for the excellent question, Jonathan, and the excellent  
answer, Adam -

As Adam explained very well, over time, some writers are starting to  
simplify the way we write.

In it's simplest form, this sign would be written like this:

It is all based on the Spelling Rule called "Write The Position of  

You try to write the sign to look as much like it does in real life as  
possible, writing the positions of contact as close to each other as  
possible so it gives the best "picture" possible of the position.
times out of ten, this means that the Contact Star is not really  
needed because you can see by the position, that it is in contact...

If you cannot see the contact clearly by the position itself, then of  
course add the Contact star to give you the information, but in this  
case, it wasn't needed...

Notice another simplification...the little rim around the chin on the  
facial circle is gone in the attached writing as well...even though  
there is nothing wrong with writing the facial rim, and old writers  
are certainly still using the rims, there are some people who are  
dropping the rims, because there seems to be enough information  
without the that is another simplification that is starting...

This is all good....All writing systems move on to simpler is a natural evolution...

By the way...double contact is a real movement and cannot be is only single contacts, that can be shown through the  
position, that can be eliminated if you prefer...

Val ;-)

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