AW: [sw-l] SignPuddle Online will be down today for maintenance...

Stefan Wöhrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Thu Sep 18 20:46:26 UTC 2008

Hi Valerie, Steve, 


I got a phonecall from a friend who told me that many entries of the German
SignPuddle got in disorder. I had a look at it ---   Remember my email about
this some months ago?? smile – Well – ok – - 


I guess that some great step forward like adding all these wonderfull new
symbols to the ISWA  have some minor disadvantages .like this .. so far as I
could see lots and lots of spelling mistakes occur now because there is a
new order in the facial – tongue – sequence, maybe the thumb-symbol is
affected as well . Since we Germans need these Mundbilder so badly it is
clear that this is a problem.. What is to be done? Do you think we should
take the German Puddle from public use? Is there an option that only people
with a special password can get access – so that we will get the chance to
slowly, slowly repair all these mistakes?


When I looked at the dokuments of the literature puddle – of course these
same problems are to be seen. – hm 


Or do you think that other/more  changes will happen so that in the first
place it would be better to wait and see and breath in and out ... smile 


I am sorry that I have to write this message – but who knows perhaps is
there somehow a different solution to this problem. What I do not know – do
you think that somebody needs these “Mundbilder” isolated from the
head-circle? (I guess this additional option causes the problem) At least I
made some experiments in the past and learned from that that the best way to
read a sequence of different Mundbilder fluently is to write the circle for
the head as well ... as we do ... 


Looking forward to hearing from you 








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SignWriting List

September 18, 2008

7:30 am Pacific Time


Dear SW List Members!


SignPuddle Online will be down today, starting in about one hour from
now...because of programming being done on the web site.


Steve is installing the International SignWriting Alphabet 2008 (ISWA 2008)
into the current SignPuddle 1.5, so we can start using the ISWA 2008
immediately, even before the new SignPuddle 2.0 is ready.


Yeah! I can't wait to use the ISWA 2008 ;-))


So do not try to work in SignPuddle today. I will write again to tell you
when you can use SignPuddle again....


I am sooo happy!



Val ;-)



Valerie Sutton

Sutton at


1. SignWriting

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2. SignPuddle

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