AW: [sw-l] Mouth Patterns

Stefan Wöhrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Sun Sep 21 14:49:12 UTC 2008

Hello Maria,

so you would like to add informattion about what the mouth is doing while
the signer is moving his hands at the same time --smile. 

If you look up the terms "Mundbilder in der GebaerdenSchrift" and
"woehrmann`s Speechwriting" you will understand that there are two different
notation systems which are not to be mixed up.

I guess you are not interested to find signwriting mouth pattern that goes
along with a phonetic impression - since this information cannot be seen by
deaf partners. 

So I decided to define a class of mouthsymbols to represent given
mouthmovements that can be seen, while the signer is moving his lips as if
articulating (without sound) a given word (or part of it) of the spoken
language (in my case German -- in your case italien or french or spanish

So it would make sense to find some kind of international agreement - 

Do you know about the German Handbuch der GebärdenSchrift?  I discussed this
topic in detail ... but for first information the following link may be

On this page you find two different tables as download options

1) Mundbilder (direkter Download) (  mouthmovements in SignWriting - not
sound based!) 


2) Mundbildschrift (direkter Download)   (Woehrmann`s SpeechWriting) each
sound of German spoken language goes along with one and only one symbol 

In the past we have had some debate about this issue -- smile --  

I am interested to hear from you. Do you think that in your given
SignLanguage mouthmovements are a part of the whole sign ...or at least in
some percentage of the signs? 

In addition to that of course we use mimic and mouthgestures as well -- but
that is not discussed here. 

All the very best

Stefan ;-)

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I'm trying to figure out the exact mouth patterns for the signwriting

Is there by any chance a list of the signwriting mouth patterns with the
corresponding phonetic alphabet (IPA) letters that match the signwriting
symbols? Or perhaps photos/illustrations of the mouth patterns produced by
the signer with the correspoinding signwriting symbols?

Many thanks,


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