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Jerry Spillman jzs at XMISSION.COM
Mon Sep 29 22:55:50 UTC 2008

Hi, Maria, Tini, Val, and all,

Yes, there have been many improvements to Sign Writing since we started 
the Sign Bible Site.  The old method of display was to take the .sgn 
files and convert them to .gif, then write an HTML file to display 
them.  It is so much easier to just take Rev. Dettloff's .pdf file and 
put it on the index pages and not have to write all that code to keep up 
with things.  The Deaf Church provides me with one or two sets of verses 
each week, and it is much easier to keep the site current now.

The old black backgrounds didn't convert well to white at that time, so 
we left them black, until Val invented a way to invert the colors and 
display black on white.  And the verses were originally posted 
horizontally, rather than in columns as they now are.  The new methods 
used to write the words are much quicker now, plus with color, columns, 
and the use of the .pdf format, the pages are much more pleasant to read 
and print out than they were in the past.  Perhaps one day, all the old 
files will be replaced with this type file,  that will be up to the 
workload of our translators at the Deaf Church, once the current project 
is finished.  We are a long way from that point, however.

Tini and others, thanks for all the kind words.  I have tried to stay up 
with the list, but my work has pretty much overwhelmed my ability in 
that regard,  if I missed any questions, please send them to my private 
e-mail below and I will try to help if I can.

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