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February 8, 2009

Hi SW Listers!
I need your advice. Most ASL numbers are the same whether they are  
nominal or cardinal, but there are five that are different....the  
first five numbers are cardinal inside a sentence, but nominal when  
telling people your phone number, your apartment number etc...I  
believe that is correct anyway ;-))

In other words, the cardinal is part of meaning in a sentence, but the  
nominal is like a "label" stating your Social Security Number  
(a long number that represents a person in the US)...if it has a lot  
of "ones" 111-897-1102...or something like that...I don't  
believe the palm turns towards the chest when stating your Social  
Security Number, does it?

So when reading tiny tiny page numbers at the bottom of pages in a 500  
page SignWriting book, should the page numbers be nominal or cardinal?  
I have always felt that the page numbers were like "labels" for  
finding a page quickly...but others have disagreed with me...meanwhile  
most people do not have a lot of experience reading large books in  
SignWriting yet, including myself, so we all are guessing a bit... It  
may really be a matter of all of us getting used to this, and figuring  
out, by testing readers, who can find page 1 faster...when it is  
nominal or cardinal? smile...

I am updating our old Goldilocks documents with the symbols of the  
ISWA and while I am doing that update anyway, I wondered about the  
page numbers...They were nominal in the old documents.

Should page numbers be nominal or cardinal? Please see attached...

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