Happy Birthday

Stefan Wöhrmann stefanwoehrmann at GOOGLEMAIL.COM
Sun Feb 22 12:06:52 UTC 2009

Good morning Valerie and sw-list friends, 


Happy birthday to YOU ... Happy birthday to YOU ... Happy birthday dear
Valerie ... Happy birthday to you ! 



Well again we can celebrate the birthday of the inventor of this genius
movement writing system ... 


Although we know that Sign Languages can be written now there is for some
reason still some resistance, fear and prejudice to overcome. 


Nevertheless I would like to take the chance to express my feelings of
gratitude for all you are doing for us.  Without your input, energy and
trust which you put into your invention it would not have grown that much.
Look at the wonderful crowd of people all around the word who are working on
all different kinds of instruction materials, software programs and
SW-documents. All of this would not have happened if you would share your
ideas and your work in such a generous way. 


We are really blessed to live in a time window of history when writing Sign
Languages become a quite normal option for those who are looking for
something like this. 


While I am busy to pile up material for my second book – I found this: 


“Historically there was no written form for American Sign Language.
Transposing a three-dimensional language that uses space, non-manual
signals, and motion as its primary characteristics onto paper is a daunting
challenge. Only recently with the advent of SignWriting (TM)  has ASL become
a written language, .... “ 


Wow – this is the first time that I read such a comment from somebody who is
well accepted in SL- instruction. The quote obove can be found in “Master
ASL! Fingerspelling, Numbers, And Glossing – page 129 – written by Jason E.


Hopefully the same author would be interested to find more and more of his
wonderful graphics – illustrating ASL phrases – written in SignWriting. 


OK – Have a wonderful Birthday with your family and hopefully you will spend
2 or 4 hours away from the computer – smile 


I designed another birthday-card especially for you! 



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