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Sun Feb 22 16:30:26 UTC 2009

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February 22, 2009

Hello Tini, Kim and Charles, and everyone!
Thank you for your birthday messages below...Very nice to receive the  
well wishes...

I feel a little badly that I have not remembered everyone else's  
birthdays...so a happy birthday to all of you too, even though it is  
not your birthday today ;-)

I am glad to know you are still using DanceWriting, Tini!

And thanks for the message about the little article in the La Jolla  
Light, Kim...I think the student writer did a good job, you are right  
about that and I was impressed...I bet she will be a future  
journalist...Her name is Spreeha...It is an Indian name (from  
India)...and I enjoyed being interviewed for the article...there is  
another version of the same article that was printed in the newspaper  
itself, and that included one page from Adam Frost's "Why SignWriting"  
document on the web, so I will be scanning in that printed article  
later, to share with you...

I am working on a new textbook, to document the International  
SignWriting Alphabet. This time I am just naming the book:


with a subtitle that says:

Sign Languages Are Written Languages!

And then I am going to write it in five parts:

Part 1: SignWriting Basics
a short summary of basic symbols that you all know

Part 2: Handshapes
all 200 handshapes, shown with photos of Adam Frost's hands, in 6 palm  
facings, plus samples of signs that use the handshapes..thank you Adam  
for the wonderful photos and animated GIFs!

Part 3: Movement Symbols
every detail of writing movement I can find from volumes of writing  
around the world

Part 4: Face, Head and Body
same kind of detail but on Facial Expressions, Head Movement and the  
torso and limbs...even showing how to write squatting down, which  
exists in a South Pacific Sign Language...

Part 5: Sign Language Literature
teaching from beginning to end, how to write sentences and documents  
and literature in SignWriting, and providing lots of reading material

Part 1 above is nothing new to any of you...it is just a quick summary  
of basic symbols for people who are beginners and need an introduction  
before referring to the other more advanced parts of the book...

I plan to publish these as five separate manuals, and then also put  
them together into one large volume...

This will take time of course, but well worth it...

Thanks for all your participation all these years! It is because of  
your writing that the above book is possible -

I am going out with my parents today...I am lucky to have them with me -

Have a great day, everyone!

Val ;-)


On Feb 22, 2009, at 5:16 AM, Tini Pel wrote:

> May you have a wonderful day from a very thankful
> Tini Pel
> also good wishes from Henk.


On Feb 22, 2009, at 5:25 AM, Tini Pel wrote:

> Wow Stefan, I could not have said it any better !!!!!!
> Have a wonderful day Valerie . I am sure everyone agrees with Stefan  
> how thankful we are for your wonderful invention.
> I am sharing the dance writing this year with an upcoming ballet  
> teacher. It is still very helpful to be able to "jot" combinations  
> down during class.
> Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!
> Tini.


On Feb 22, 2009, at 6:52 AM, Kimberley Shaw wrote:

> Hello Val:
> Nicely-done article; congratulations!
> And happy birthday to you,
> Kim from Boston


> On Feb 22, 2009, at 6:58 AM, Charles Butler wrote:
>> Many more in store for you.  Much honor in the future years.
>> Charles Butler


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