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June 12, 2009

Hello Stefan!

Thank you for your kind words... You just made my day ;-)))

The SignWriting Archive

You can type in a search word and find the documents, or search by  
document, thumbnail and subject...There are literally hundreds...and  
yes I mean hundreds...of documents that have not yet been added to the  
Archive, so I am trying to update it and add to it on a regular basis  

I figure that it is important because all of us forget all the  
documents we have done...Your work, Stefan, is a great example of that have created and written so many animations and cards and  
artwork and SignWriting literature and books, that I am sure there are  
times when even you cannot remember all the wonderful creations you  
have created over so many years...

I am the same way. Right now my nephews are adding old SignWriting  
documents into the new format of SignPuddle online. They are just  
copying the exact signs, sign by sign, into SignText and saving the  
documents as literature, and I still have to edit their work, so it is  
a big job, but what I am amazed at, is how many 100s of old documents  
I found that were written with SignWriter DOS, or written in the old  
SignWriter Newspapers and Newsletters...we found stories written by  
hand and literature in Spanish Sign Language and Nicaraguan Sign  
Language and Brazilian Sign Language and in other sign languages that  
it is really touching and amazing to me how beautiful our SignWriting  
history of 35 years is...something that needs to be documented and slowly but surely we are creating history archives of  
different kinds...

Which brings up a new archive under way... I am now working on another  
kind of archive...called

Making a Difference
People Who Have Contributed to SignWriting History

or maybe we should call it?

SignWriting Contributors Archive

not sure...what do you think?


In the Contributor's Archive, I will be creating a unique web page for  
each person, with their photo, their resume and biography, and any  
downloads of any documents or dissertations or books that they want to  
have available to the general public that are related to their work  
with SignWriting...

Obviously I know this means that most of this List will be in that  
Archive sooner or later, with your permission of course, if you all  
want to be...

This weekend I am preparing the first page in the Archive, for a  
scholar named Guylhem Aznar, who wrote his dissertation on SignWriting  
in Unicode, at a University in France, and I will be posting his  
dissertation in the Archive, available free for download...I am very  
proud of the growing list of dissertations and theses on SignWriting  
(and Lucy...I have not forgotten Poland ;-))

So Stefan, don't forget your animation on:

and thanks once again for your nice comment -

Val ;-)


On Jun 12, 2009, at 3:19 PM, Stefan Wöhrmann wrote:

> Hi Valerie and friends,
> well just want to thank you Valerie for your wonderful SignWriting  
> Archive!
> Looking for a special PDF-document I happened to find this already  
> forgotten greeting card – smile!
> Well the Archive is amazing – so many, many documents. You arrange  
> everything so great!
> Thank you very much for this unique source of important documents to  
> be found in one place!
> Have a wonderful weekend everybody,
> Stefan ;-)
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