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Hi Val and all the others,

The HSL signs for Hungary and Hungarian are different from the ones you
mentioned but they are a bit complicated for my present knowledge. Stefan is
almost right but the sign has changed and is less iconic now (although there
are probably some people who still use this older version). Hungarian is
signed with the handshape Stefan suggested, if I read his sign properly.
It's like an A but the index finger is hooked and touches the thumb,
covering the side of it. This hand touches the chin from underneath, palm
oriented to the left and fingers upwards, and then the wrist turns down so
that the edge of the hand becomes parallel with the floor. My attempt to
write it can be found in the HSL dictionary of SignPuddle. I could not copy
it here as nothing appeared when I clicked Paste here in the email. The
symbol for the handshape seems odd to me as an index finger cannot be bent
towards the back of the hand, but it is probably me who cannot read it

The articulation Stefan mentioned is almost correct but the 'n' in the
middle should be deleted. However, I don't think that the articulation is
part of the sign at all.

Hungary is signed as 'Hungarianland', so the first part is the same as
above. 'Land' or 'country': I wrote the sign and added it to the HSL
dictionary but it is not perfect as I could not find an arrow that was
arched and wavy at the same time (as if one was drawing a vertical country
map in the air). The hands are meant to be like in F but the thumb and the
index finger are not bent. Palm is oriented forward, fingers up.

I could not figure out how to use a sign that is already written (Hungarian)
to form a new one (Hungary). Can I paste it somehow?

In general, I am a bit lost among the many features of the site. What is the
difference between writing signs in SignMaker, SignBank and SignText? And
between a Sign, a Sign Spelling, and a Sign Sequence? Where should I start
if I want to insert written signs in a Word document? Val suggested that I
should simply drag the sign from SignText to the Word file but it did not
work as it got a dark grey background for some reason. She also suggested
exporting, but surely I am not supposed to save each sign I write for a
document, am I? Val, you also mentioned ColoumnMaker but I cannot find this
button where you said it should be ( I am logged in).

Sorry for asking so many questions... I really appreciate your help.


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Hi Adam and Edina!

Here is my new attempt, which I have also added to the ASL SignPuddle


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