movement in LIQUID

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How's this.  I treated each hand separately for its own slow closure and then as a unit rocking back and forth.  It looked as if one hand started slightly closed and then expanded to flat as the other slowly closed while they both rocked back and forth. 


liquid flowing matter, fluid that is not gas.              
Source: Cherie Wren videotape, transcribed by Charles Butler
Modified: March 06, 2009 20:16
Puddle page 9892

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I am struggling with how to write this
sign  It is a less English sign for Liquid (science-  solid,
liquid, gas)    This writing isn't right, the movement is more
complex than simple circles.  They aren't alternating circles, because
the hands are linked, and moving as a unit, but one follows the other.
 My first guess was with a figure 8 movement, but it isn't -- each
hand moves in a simple circle, but the timing of the circles is what complicates
things.  I thought about adding a symbol for the wrist movement, but
none of them seemed to fit.  Help? 

Cherie Wren
Georgia School for the Deaf
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