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March 7, 2009

On Mar 6, 2009, at 12:35 PM, Cherie Wren wrote:
> I am struggling with how to write this sign  It is a less English  
> sign for Liquid (science-  solid, liquid, gas)    This writing isn't  
> right, the movement is more complex than simple circles.  They  
> aren't alternating circles, because the hands are linked, and moving  
> as a unit, but one follows the other.  My first guess was with a  
> figure 8 movement, but it isn't -- each hand moves in a simple  
> circle, but the timing of the circles is what complicates things.  I  
> thought about adding a symbol for the wrist movement, but none of  
> them seemed to fit.  Help?


Cherie -
The important point of writing this sign is that the two hands are  
contacting while they are moving...There are two times when we write a  
General Arrowhead...The General Arrowhead means writing "overlapping  
movement paths", or the two hands contacting and moving. It is used in  
two cases...

1. When the hands contact and move together as a unit
2. When the hands do not contact, but one movement path writes on top  
of the other one...

Here is the way I explained it in a new manual, which can be  
downloaded on  the front page of this  
explanation is not complete either...This book will later have five  
sections, and this is only the first section...later I will try to get  
into SignSpelling Guidelines etc...

Anyway, because the two hands are contacting, it will be a General  
Arrow head...see next message for the writing of the sign itself...

General Arrowhead overlapping paths explanation attached...

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