movement in LIQUID

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After reading through all these posts and watching the video, there still seems to be something missing in your writing Val, a piece of information that tells me somehow NOT to move the entire, interconnected elbow, wrist, finger formation back to its starting place, but to flex the wrists in order to re-start the motion.  If I can figure out how to add video, I will try to show you what I mean.

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> No. This writing, which you attached, Adam, does not write a wavy 
> motion of the elbows and arms at writes the hands moving up 
> and down together, straight up and down, without the elbows moving up 
> and down...The elbows are remaining at the side of the body, or at 
> least locked in space, while only the hands move
> When I read your attached writing, I do an entirely different movement 
> than what is seen on the video tape...
> This writes the hands moving up-down-up, with the elbows staying 
> against the side of the body, or at least the elbows are not moving up 
> and down, but the elbows are anchored in one position and not moving 
> at all...I am not talking about muscles at all...I am talking about 
> the elbow bones are not moving in this writing, only the hands are 
> moving up and down while the elbows remain still....That is why I call 
> it Wrist Motion, because the elbows are not moving, only the hands...
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