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March 9, 2009

On Mar 9, 2009, at 8:36 AM, MARIA AZZOPARDI wrote:
> I've been following the discussions about LIQUID - very interesting  
> - and
> from these discussions, I've learnt a few things about how to spell
> similar signs in LSM such as WAVES, SEA etc. I liked the way Adam  
> spelt
> LIQUID with the wrists moving up and down - the symbol used is a  
> perfect
> spelling for a number of signs in LSM, and I never realised it was  
> that
> symbol that we needed. Thanks for all the discussions. Maria

Yes, I agree, Maria. Thank you, Adam, for your excellent suggestions.  
And thanks to you all....This has influenced me, in regards to how to  
explain the symbols, in the SignSpelling Guidelines ...

Adam's writing, and I believe that Natasha's was similar also, with  
the straight wrist flex symbols moving up and down in an alternating  
fashion, gives the feeling of the wrist moving straight up and  
down ...That writing works best without the General Arrowhead, but  
instead showing right and left as separate paths, because the hands  
are not moving as one unit, but are instead going in opposite  
directions to each that is an exception to the General  
Arrowhead rules ;-)))  But that is is a matter of documenting  
the need for a General Arrowhead in a more detailed fashion...

What I have enjoyed about this discussion is that it has influenced me  
to include in the SignSpelling Guidelines, the following items:

1. How to write on top of photos in a sequence, when writing new signs

2. How to write wrist movement and waving movement at the same time,  
so we can differentiate between a waving movement that does have a  
wrist flex and one that does not have a wrist flex...I will post that  
next message...

Val ;-)


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