SW-L Digest, Vol 20, Issue 61

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Tue Mar 10 22:57:51 UTC 2009

I have been on the SignPuddle ASL Dictionary. It has been extremely  
helpful! I am looking forward to posting signs as well. :-) Thanks  
everyone for your insight and help!


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 > March 10, 2009
 > On Mar 10, 2009, at 1:13 PM, Sharon Collier wrote:
 > > Awesome! Thanks a lot! I have been piecing some other words  
 > > to convey the same meanings until I can possibly find proper signs.
 > > For instance, for outer space I am thinking about using "far away
 > > up, up" instead. And, for ring I think "circle" should suffice for
 > > meaning. Thanks again for your help. :-)
 > Sharon -
 > You have two excellent ASL signers...Adam Frost and Cherie Wren...who
 > will be writing versions of those signs for you, in the SignPuddle  
 > Dictionary online...
 > Do you know how to use the software online yourself, to find the  
 > and then discuss them on the List with us?
 > Once you find their writing of the signs, you can right-click on the
 > written sign in SignPuddle, to copy and paste it into an email
 > message, or save it to your desktop and attach it to an email
 > message...to ask questions about it...
 > Look forward to seeing your writing too...you can tell us to look for
 > your writing in SignPuddle when you have entered some signs...
 > Val ;-)

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