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Charles Butler chazzer3332000 at YAHOO.COM
Wed Mar 11 13:44:26 UTC 2009

Glad to meet you Sharon,

As ASL tends to be descriptive, the "single sign" approach often has not happened until a conversation erupts throughout the Deaf community.  I wish someone had been around during the Challenger explosion to record all the signs that were being used in casual conversation because if one is not in the middle of the community, such terms are often lost to the "outer" world.  

As a scientist, for me, the names of all the planets are a "normal" part of my vocabulary every day, and I know that in grammar school such conversation is a part of everyday lessons.  Without such efforts such as the National Technical Institute of the Deaf in creating "scientific" vocabulary, one wonders, as there are not many researchers in the field, the standard scientific vocabularies of everyday conversations in the ASL community.

Charles Butler

From: Sharon Collier <orionsc37 at hotmail.com>
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Subject: [sw-l] RE: SW-L Digest, Vol 20, Issue 58

 Greetings everyone! 
My name is Sharon, and I am new to the message board. I am fairly new to sign writing, and I am quite amazed with the whole process. I have a nephew who is deaf, and I work as a sign language interpreter in area schools. I would love to see signwriting become more "mainstream." 
I have been looking for a few signs to use in my work, but have had no luck finding them. I was wondering if anyone out there could help. :-) I am looking for signs for:
solar system
rings(as in Saturn)
and, if there are signs for the proper names of the planets of our solar system besides Earth.
It's a pleasure to "meet" everyone, and thanks in advance for any help I receive.
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Subject: SW-L Digest, Vol 20, Issue 58
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From: chazzer3332000 at yahoo.com
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Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2009 11:21:20 -0700
Subject: Re: AW: [sw-l] sign for Singapore

I agree, the three SW listings are ambiguous, and the handshape could be an S, an A, a modified T or even an M.  We need a video.


 From: Stefan Wöhrmann <stefanwoehrmann at gebaerdenschrift.de>
To: SignWriting List <sw-l at majordomo.valenciacc.edu>
Sent: Tuesday, March 10, 2009 1:40:28 PM
Subject: AW: [sw-l] sign for Singapore

Hello Hector and SW-list friends , 
thank you very much fort his message – and what an interesting source for many more country – name-signs. We should discuss some of them on the list – smile! 
In this case Singapore – hm – SignWriting is so much better to understand. Does it feel like a wrist-circle movement or is it more kind of circle with the whole lower arm moving. And what about the hand shape – looks pretty much like an “A-hand” and it would feel better to touch the back of the left hand with an “A-hand” bit from this drawing we cannot learn that – smile – 
I am grateful for your feedback 
Stefan ;-) 

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An: SignWriting List
Betreff: RE: [sw-l] sign for Singapore
Hi friends. I am again in the SignWriting list again.
Stefan I found a draw of the singapure sign at http://www.cultura-sorda.eu/resources/WFDeaf_Senas_Paises.pdf 
the PDF document says it is from the WDF. Sorry for the previous message I click the wrong button.
Hector Devia
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From: Stefan Wöhrmann [mailto:stefanwoehrmann at googlemail.com]
Sent: Lunes, 09 de Marzo de 2009 05:54 p.m.
To: 'SignWriting List'
Subject: [sw-l] sign for Singapore
Hi friends, 
does anybody know the sign for Singapore as they sign it in Singapore
Found this comment here:  http://www.theinterpretersfriend.com/indj/cntry/asia.html#5
[S], PO down, circles and contacts [B], PO down.
And I looked for the graphic: 
       found this in the  Dictionnaire CH-fr    Puddle
                        found this in the  Dictionnaire BE-fr     Puddle 
                           found this in the Dictionary US  Puddle
Thanks for any feedback   
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