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March 12, 2009

On Mar 11, 2009, at 11:28 AM, Jonathan wrote:
>  Thanks for these explanations.  I didn't realize that the wrist  
> line could be used with the wavy arrow and that it anchored the  
> movement. Though I knew that the other write arrows anchored the  
> movement.  I like the way you explained it.  It seems so new to me  
> and yet makes sense.  Would it be able to add more arrows for the  
> movement? Jonathan

Hello Jonathan and Everyone -
Thank you for your messages...Great to hear from you again. And  
congratulations and thank you for your hard work on new software  

I have had several other people write to me with great interest in the  
wavy motions from the wrist. First, I want to thank Nancy Romero, who  
has been working with both DanceWriting and SignWriting since 1975.  
Nancy is a dancer and also an interpreter in ASL. In recent years,  
Nancy has been translating the Gospel According to John in American  
Sign Language. Nancy and Lucinda O'Grady Batch have been editing the  
huge document with 21 chapters, and we hope that in the summer of 2009  
we will have the publication ready for printing...let us cross our  

Nancy writes SignWriting in an excellent and very simple style, which  
I really like, and it definitely has had influence on me lately. For  
example, Nancy has taken away basic Touch stars, if they are single  
ones...for example the sign for HOUSE touches, but if you write it  
clearly, showing that the handshapes are touching because the  
handshapes themselves are close to each other, the single Touch star  
isn't necessary...and that simplifies the writing...obviously if there  
is a double-touch, that is necessary to write because that is a real  
movement, but single touches can be eliminated if you write the  
Position of Contact clearly:

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Nancy was also the one who started writing the wrist motion wavy in  
place by placing the wrist line at the end of the wavy arrow...I think  
it works well!

Thank you, Nancy!

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OK. I plan to document all this soon, both on the web and also in a  
new textbook I am writing. No one needs to feel nervous or concerned  
about your old writing...this is all for the future writing of  
documents and we do not have to go back and change anything we have  
written before unless we want to...please know that...these are just  
discussions and we are enjoying sharing together...

I am now preparing for the CAL-ED conference which is starting  
tomorrow here and all weekend...Cecilia Flood and Marty Carlson are  
arriving here soon and I look forward to seeing them again!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, and I hope you keep discussing all  
kinds of ideas for writing!! Keep sharing..we need you!

Val ;-)

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