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Steve Slevinski slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Sun Mar 15 21:25:06 UTC 2009

Hi Honza,

Sorry, but it is not possible to use SignText offline how you wish.  
SignText offline was before SignPuddle 1.5 and the ISWA.    I updated 
SignText offline to the ISWA but never integrated it with SignPuddle 
1.5.  I was called to other things.  Sorry for the growing pains.

Now with the new import and export features for the PersonalPuddle and 
the PocketPuddle, everything you want to do and more is possible.

For the current work that you do have in SignText offline, I'd be 
willing to enter it myself by hand it there is a reasonable amount.  
Send me all of the URLs that you've saved and tell me which puddle to 
put them in.

I don't have time to update SignText offline.  I'd be happy to GPL the 
code if there is anyone willing to do the work for free.  If someone 
knows Javascript and HTML I can teach them how to connect into the new 
import / export features.

Sorry for the growing pains.  Maybe in the future we can coordinate 
through Jonathan's SignWriting Studio.  He has import working, so if 
you're on windows, you'll be able to move your signs from SignText 
offline to the Studio.

Take care,


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